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Job & Intern Board

Board of Director

Cape Cod Art Center
Job Description
The role of the Board of Directors of Cape Cod Art Center is to:
1. Define, preserve and support the mission of the Cape Cod Art Center;
2. Establish policies to protect and enhance its resources and personnel; and,
3. Create strategic policies to ensure the future of Cape Cod Art Center.

Each Board Member is expected to fulfill the following responsibilities of
1. Be an active member of Cape Cod Art Center
2. Attend the board meetings, periodic strategic and planning sessions as well
as meetings of committees to which they belong;
3. Contribute to the Annual Fund and the Capital Campaign of CCAC by
providing financial support commensurate with his or her capacity to give
and/or solicit funds from others;
4. Participate in CCAC and Board events;
5. Participate in fund raising efforts for the benefit of CCAC;
6. Keep current about all phases of CCAC’s operation;
7. Host one monthly exhibition reception; and,
8. Present awards at one monthly exhibition reception.

Cape Cod Art Center is an educational center that teaches easel,
lens and digital art. From amateurs to professionals, we offer
classes, workshops and the opportunity to exhibit, sell and buy
artwork. CCAC is the longest, continuously operating, vertically
integrated art education center on Cape Cod.

We are not an art museum because our exhibitions change monthly.
Although, as with most art museums, we host receptions at our
openings every month when our exhibitions change. In addition, we
offer prizes to the winners.

We do not have a permanent collection because we need all of our
wall space to exhibit and sell our artist’s work. For that reason,
seller’s and buyer’s have greater opportunities to achieve their goals.

Cape Cod Art Center is open to anyone who loves art and wants to
learn, improve, sell or buy artwork.

Our future?
  • We want to be a facility for children’s summer art camps where the kids have so much fun with art they can’t wait to get here everyday;
  • We want to be a weekend and after school retreat for middle and high school art students; and,
  • We want to be a home away from home for people with special needs.
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