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Facilities Technician

Posted: 05/01/2022

General Summary
General Maintenance and servicing operation throughout the facility to include but not limited to: plumbing, basic electric work, painting, carpentry, snow removal, ground, preventive maintenance and similar functions. This position has rotating On-Call responsibilities for urgent situations. Under the general supervision and work direction of the Director of Facilities performs a variety of general maintenance and repair to maintain buildings, equipment, fixtures and grounds in proper appearance operating condition.
Essential Job Functions

  • Required to use a variety of hand tools, power tools, bench tools, and other equipment to perform assigned duties. Operates all equipment and utilizes all tools in compliance with the safety standards of its operation and utilization.
  • Performs all duties in a manner in keeping with the safety of self and all others. Keeps worksites clean and orderly. Is aware of client safety concerns when working in occupied homes and/or programs.
  • Responds to a variety of maintenance calls / work orders and performs repairs in a timely manner ensuring the services to clients, staff and visitors is not compromised.
  • Utilizes maintenance software to manage completion of work orders in a timely manner. Accepts and records completed work orders with appropriate notations to date, time and costs. Enters Asset Management data related to capital purchases and improvements.
  • Access company properties/homes for items in need of corrective and preventive repairs. Enters said items into computerized work order system for assignment and follow through by self or others.
  • Repairs and services machinery, furnishings and other equipment within the facility; to ensure such equipment is safe and operable.
  • Is knowledgeable/familiar with appropriate MSDS forms that relate to all substances used on the job. Utilizes all substances on the job according to the MSDS guidelines for safe and proper utilization and immediately brings any and all questions regarding such to the employee/s direct supervisor.
  • Serves as a mandated reporter for suspected cases of abuse and/or neglect to the Disabled Persons Protection Commission (DPPC)
Other Duties and Responsibilities
  • Performs additional duties as assigned
  • Leading/Directing Others:  Exhibits confidence in self and others; provides vision and inspiration to peers and subordinates; lays out work in a fair, well-planned, and organized manner; inspires, motivates, challenges and provides support to others to perform well and fulfill the vision; accepts feedback from others; gives appropriate recognition to others; is a clear communicator.
  • Total Quality Management:  Is dedicated to providing the highest quality services which meet the needs and requirements of internal and external customers; is committed to continuous improvement through empowerment and performance management; creates a learning environment leading to the most efficient and effective work processes.
  • Vision and Purpose:  Demonstrates a compelling and inspired vision or sense of core purpose; creates milestones to rally support behind the vision.
  • Adaptability:  Able to deal with frequent change, delays, or unexpected events; manages competing demands; changes approach or method to best fit the situation; inspires others to be adaptable to change.
  • Ethics, Values and Diversity:  Promotes an appropriate and effective work environment and strives to ensure that the agency’s core values and beliefs are applied during all circumstances; genuinely cares about people; deals effectively with all races, nationalities, cultures, disabilities, ages, lifestyle choices and genders; supports equal and fair treatment and opportunity for all; adheres to and promotes the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); advocates for the rights and interests of individuals with disabilities to maximize their potential in the programs and communities of their choice.
  • Integrity and Trust:  Is respectful, truthful, and transparent; keeps confidences; takes ownership and responsibility for decisions and outcomes.
  • Problem Solving and Judgment:  Probes all useful and constructive sources to find pertinent answers; can analyze issues, identify problems and work toward appropriate solutions; collaborates with others or as part of a team; displays willingness to make decisions; makes timely decisions; exhibits sound and accurate judgment.
  • Oral and Written Communications:  Speaks clearly, appropriately and effectively with a diverse group of individuals; is an active listener and gets clarification when necessary; participates constructively in meetings; is able to write clearly and succinctly; is able to communicate clearly in a variety of settings and situations.

Position Type: Full-time,Year-round