Summer Residential Program F/T Life Guard

Riverview School, Inc.
Job Description

Summer Riverview Lifeguard Job Description:
Oversees the aquatic complex, ensuring the safety of the patrons in the swimming area.  Provide supplemental lifeguarding at area ocean and pond beaches as necessary.
• Monitors activities at the pool to prevent accidents.
• Rescues swimmers in danger of drowning.
• Administers First Aid.
• Cautions swimmers regarding unsafe practices and safety hazards; enforces and adheres to pool rules and regulations in accordance to Riverview swimming policies.
• Follows emergency action plan and procedures established in the event of an emergency.
• Maintains order in the pool and adjoining areas.
• Inspects facilities for cleanliness; completes general pool cleaning and maintenance duties.
• Responsible for the availability and safekeeping of emergency equipment (rescue tube, backboard, signs and other equipment), including maintaining the pool room.
• Determines chlorine content and pH value of water, using water testing kit, and record readings.
• Provides general information on pool operation to patrons.
• Completes required paperwork.
• Creates a fun, yet safe environment, encouraging participation of students, maximizing the use of the pool.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Knowledge of pool equipment.
• Knowledge of lifesaving methods and procedures, including first aid and standard resuscitation measures.
• Knowledge of rules and regulations governing conduct of the public at pools.
• Skilled in the application of lifesaving techniques.
• Ability to react quickly and calmly in emergencies.
• Ability to perform rescue actions, administer first aid and CPR.
Minimum Qualifications:
Must possess current Lifeguard Training Certification, First Aid Certification AND Professional Rescuer Cardiopulmonary (CPR) certificate upon employment.


Lifeguard Hours:
Days TBD:   12:30pm-8pm
Interested applicants should send a letter of interest and resume to:

Ellen D’Ovidio and Maria Mulhern
Residential Office Managers
Riverview School
Residential Department


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