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FOH Supervisor (Eastham, MA)

Hole In One Group
Job Description

Job Description: This position requires organizational, customer service, problem-solving, and leadership skills. One must be available to both the front of the house and back of the house throughout the shift. This position’s main goal is to ensure guest satisfaction at its highest potential by handling all issues and orchestrating all staff throughout the shift in a friendly and efficient manner. In this position, one creates a nurturing environment for staff growth and development to bring the team to its highest potential.



  • Delegate tasks to restaurant staff and supervise their performance
  • Well-versed in POS systems
  • Multi-tasking
  • Manage the dining room and kitchen to ensure guest satisfaction
  • Arrange to have shifts covered (i.e., when employees take time off or call in sick)
  • Help staff resolve on-the-job challenges
  • Track daily costs and revenues
  • Continuously train and encourage all team members
  • Balance the cash register at the end of the shift
  • Coordinate with suppliers as they deliver food/drink product orders
  • Ensure client satisfaction and gracefully handle any complaints
  • Open or close the restaurant (when responsible for the first or last shift)
  • Inform the next Shift Manager about pending tasks
  • Report maintenance and training needs
  • Cleanliness and personal hygiene is a must. Appear well-groomed and professional for every shift
  • Full knowledge of State-mandated restrictions due to COVID-19
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