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Employee Referral Program - Earn $500!

RogersGray continues to have a strong partnership with CCYP due to shared goals and mission. Those members of the organization often reflect the type of employee that we would like to engage. RogersGray believes that members of CCYP can enhance our workforce by bringing in talent from their network of friends, business associates, and acquaintances. With that, RogersGray is offering a referral bonus to allow members to reap an extra benefit from referring others.

RogersGray will provide $500 to a CCYP member who proactively and successfully refers a candidate that is hired and remains employed with us for a minimum of 120 continuous days. 

Please see below for more details on this program.


Qualifications: A referral is defined as a proactive, CCYP member-initiated contact of a potential candidate with the intention of recruiting that candidate for RogersGray. To be considered a referral, the member should verify the applicant’s interest and obtain their resume to email to prior to the applicant applying. Upon application, the referring member’s name must be confirmed as the reason for the candidate’s application. 


Examples of what is not considered a referral may include:  

The member may recommend or endorse a candidate who has already entered the application process with RogersGray. This is a reference, not a referral. 

Any reactive or responsive activity to employment inquiries  

The member may know the candidate; however, the candidate initiated the inquiry for employment

A member refers a candidate, but his/her candidacy does not result in an interview for over 12 months.  


RG reserves the right to evaluate and investigate all referral activity for authenticity and approval. 


In some cases, multiple members may refer the same candidate. The decision of which member will receive the referral bonus will be determined primarily by whose proactive efforts resulted in the candidate entering the interviewing process, subject to RG’s discretion. 



$500 per referral will be paid directly to the member following the referred candidate’s completion of 120 days of employment. 


Statute of Limitations: If a candidate is referred more than 12 months prior to the date of the first in-person interview, that candidate will no longer be considered an referral unless the candidate has been resubmitted by the member for consideration, or has been placed in a “nurture” status by the Talent Acquisition team.  


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